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15 NASCAR Tailgating Essentials

Feb 5, 2019 4:41:33 PM / by DISH Outdoors posted in NASCAR







Can you hear it? The loud, thrilling rev of your favorite driver's car among the 42 other competitors, the hum of the pace lap, the silence in the grandstands and in the infield.. The anticipation is killing us knowing the best season of the year starts in 5 short days. Are you ready? Whether you have your camping reservations or not, we're here to guide you through everything you need to have the best NASCAR tailgating experience ever.


Infield Camping Reservations


First and foremost when you begin your NASCAR RV camping plans you’ll want to make sure you’ve researched the ins and outs of the infield RV camping rule and regulations, reviews of the speedway, and other helpful information. Some tracks may be similar to others but as they say: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” For info on some of the most popular speedways check out RV Life’s article The Good, Bad, and Great of NASCAR RV Camping.



Menu For The Weekend


When you head out to camp at a NASCAR speedway it could be as long as a 5 day get-away or as short as three, but no matter how long your stay, planning (see a common theme?) your three main meals for every day of the stay will be crucial. We know, having to plan and shop for that many meals can quite daunting so mix it up by inviting your friends to camp and menu plan along with you! For all the best camping recipes head over to our Camping Recipe Board on Pinterest!



Collapsible Wagon


Depending on the parking situation, you might get lucky enough to have all your guests ride together in the RV, but for those who aren’t so lucky, hauling everything from your car to the campsite can be such a waste of time. Between your luggage, coolers, tailgating tents, and everything else, this could mean 3-4 trips! Do yourself a favor and get a collapsible wagon, preferably with the larger wheels. Granted the bigger the wheels the high the price, but when the grass, dirt and gravel turn to mud from the inevitable storm, you’ll thank yourself for investing in the bigger, more durable tires. Pro tip: make sure the one you get folds flat, like this one from Amazon, so you can store it anywhere.


Ear Muffs or Plugs


If you’ve ever experienced a day at the track or have ever paid attention while you’re watching on TV, you know that having ear protection is a MUST. Regardless of where you end up watching the race from, it will be loud and you definitely need to protect your ears. You can get these from pretty much any home improvement store or online.


The Best Bundle For Your Set Up



Of course NASCAR infield camping experience is going to be one you’ll never forget, but why should you have to sacrifice your favorite pre- and post-race shows just because you're already at the track?! With such a simple set up, you’ll be watching the shop talk, interviews, and any other of your favorite programming in no time. 


Wally® Accessories


First and foremost, you’re going to want to keep that nice new Antenna off the ground using one of the tripods or by mounting it on the roof of your RV. Now for a fun accessory. As we mentioned above, you won’t want to miss out on all the pre and post-race programming you get at home, but don’t worry about huddling everyone around the TV to hear. Connect your Wally® receiver to any Bluetooth compatible speaker with the DISH Bluetooth USB Adapter so everyone can hear! From programming to playing your favorite music from Sirius XM channels, you will be the go-to site all weekend long. Looking for Wi-Fi connectablility, local channels, or a remote that can go through walls? Check out all of the accessories here or by clicking the image above!


Well-Insulated Coolers


Even though you can always go into the fridge in your RV, it’s always nice to have easy access to all your favorite drinks, while you’re outside. Regardless of where you’re camping, investing in a well-insulated cooler is something you’ll never regret. You can’t always count on your RV to generate enough ice (if you even have an ice maker) and having a good cooler that holds ice for 2-3 days will give you peace of mind. Though some speedways do have small markets where you can purchase more ice, they do tend to hike the price. Not sure which one to get? Check out these results from the Outdoor Gear Lab and take your pick!


Can Koozies



While this one may seem like a no-brainer, it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder! Let your fan flag fly by repping your favorite driver on your koozie. You can get the one pictured above and more at NASCAR Shop.


Yard Games


Never run out of fun things to do before and after the race! Don’t forget to pack your favorite lawn games and a deck of cards! You can get the awesome Cornhole boards pictured above from Victory Tailgate or the Ladder Golf set up from Amazon.


Sun Screen & Bug Spray


While this also seems like we’re stating the obvious these are probably THE most important items to pack. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, sunscreen often expires before the bottle runs out. And while bug spray doesn’t technically have an “expiration date”, it’s really only good for 3 years. So, before you head out be sure to check the dates!


Portable Grill


The size of the grill you choose to bring will greatly depend on how big of a group you plan to feed, but you should never count on having a campfire to cook things over.  Yes, a fire works great for many things and in many places, but most, if not all speedways, forbid campfires. So much so that you can't even bring fire wood or fire rings 


Folding Table & Folding Chairs

FoldingTableand Chairs

The necessities. While you’re making the reservations, you might want to ask if they provide a picnic table at the sight, but regardless of the answer you’ll never regret bringing more table space and more places to sit.


Extension Cords


ALL WAYS BRING EXTENSION CORDS. This should be a staple item to pack regardless, but isn’t it so true that when you set up your camp just how you like it and THEN you realize you don’t have a power source next to your speakers?




Even though you’re in the best spot possible to watch the race, the track is BIG and it’s not always easy to see all that’s happening at every moment of the race, which is why we suggest getting a great pair of binoculars. Have a favorite driver? There’s probably branded binoculars for that!


External Cell Phone Battery


A weekend at the track is guaranteed to make memories that will last forever. Which is exactly why you’ll always, always, ALWAYS want to have your phone charged and ready to snap that pic your buddy will wish you hadn’t in the morning. You know the saying “What happens at the track gets laughed about all season long”. Click the pic above to get one that’s DISH Outdoors approved!


So what's your next step? Mark your calendars because your favorite season and ours starts in T - 4 days, 3 hours, and 13 minutes until they start their engines. ...not that we're counting or anything.

Written by DISH Outdoors

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