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5 Reasons Why Outdoorsmen Love DISH

Sep 12, 2018 11:08:40 AM / by DISH Outdoors posted in DISH Apps, DISH Outdoors, Outdoor Entertainment

Whether your spending a weekend away or on a month-long hunting excursion, when you get back to the camp after 12 – 14 hours on the lake or in the woods, sitting back and relaxing is on top of the priority list. Sure, you could sit and attempt to stream videos on your small phone screen, but chances are your cell service isn’t great, and why do that when you can have full access to all your favorite Outdoorsmen channels on your big screen?


While there are many reasons to enjoy the comforts of your own home while you’re away, here are just 5 to show you how easy it can be.


1. It’s Not Just For Campers!

No matter where you plan to spend your evenings, there’s a bundle for you. From the Tailgater 4 to the Winegard Pathway X2, all of our antennas and receivers can be used at your cabin, towable, RV, and even in your Ice Castles.


2. Easy To Carry

KING Carry Bag
















Weighing in at only 8lbs. getting the DISH Tailgater 4 to your camp is no problem. Before you leave home, put your satellite, receiver, and remote in your KING Carry bag and you’ll be good to go.


3. Even easier to mount

You don’t have to even think about what you will set the Tailgater on. With the super light weight, 4lb., KING Tripod Mount (which comes with a carry case!) your antenna will be secure and off the ground.


4. Set up only takes minutes

180516_dish outdoors_shot 02_118-3 










Step 1: Take your Tripod out of its carrying case, unclasp and loosen pin, and extend the legs as far as they go

Step 2: Fold the top brackets down, and insert the ground pegs for maximum stability

            PRO TIP: Use the DISH – My RV Satellite Finder App before you secure it into the ground to see exactly where the satellites are and to see if any obstacles (trees, buildings, etc.) will be in your way

Step 3: Place the handle of the antenna at the end of the long bracket, set the rest in place, and point towards the clear southern sky

Step 4: Connect the coax cable to the Tailgater (included) and tighten by hand

Step 5: Take the other end of your coax cable and connect it to your Wally Receiver (which should be next to your TV), connect the video cables from your TV, then plug the receiver into a 3-pronged outlet

Step 6: Press the Power button on the receiver and continue to follow the onscreen instructions to sync the receiver to the TV

Step 7: ENJOY!


5. Convenient Pay-As-You-Go


“Contracts” aren’t something we do around here. With our convenient Pay-As-You-Go program you only pay for 30 days at a time, beginning when YOU want it to. Going out for 2-4 weeks and forget to cancel? No problem, any account that is left inactive is automatically shut off and will remain that way until you’re ready to head out again.

Now all you have to do is hit the handle on your recliner, crack a cold one, and unwind.

Good luck, safe travels, and go get that game!

Written by DISH Outdoors

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