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Dome Magic works like, well, MAGIC!


If you have a portable satellite antenna you've probably experienced the frustration of the rain messing up your picture. Or maybe when you wake up in the morning you have to go out and wipe the antenna off from the morning dew that settled on the shell. Either way, you've experienced the frustration of what is known as a "rain fade." Maybe it freezes the picture or goes out all together, either way it's not a fun experience.

We're happy to say that King Controls has developed a solution for you. Dome Magic Single Use Wipes.

These wipes are easy to use and are a great long-lasting solution that eliminates the negative effects of rain and dew on open satellite dishes and dome systems! With just a few easy steps, your satellite antenna can be rain resistant!

The first step in making sure the wipes work effectively is to clean the dome cover with soap and water to remove and bugs or debris that you may have. Next, you'll want to rinse and allow to dry completely. Once your dome is dry, wipe the entire dome cover with denatured alcohol to remove any soap residue and any remaining oil and grease. Let the alcohol dry. After taking the wipe out of its package, wipe the cloth in a circular motion. The air temperature should be between 60-110 degrees Fahrenheit and it should be a calm day. Allow this coat to dry for 20 minutes. A second wipe may be used. Be sure to ensure you have covered the top of the dome completely.

These applications of the Dome Magic will last until washed off (approximately 6 months of normal use; longer if the vehicle is stored indoors or used in a drier climate). Once the dome of your satellite is treated, it should not be touched. Do not power spray or wipe. Friction will remove the application and the dome will have to be retreated.

In case you're wondering, the Dome Magic solution doesn't cause any deterioation of the dome cover. It also doesnt effect a fiberglass or rubber roof.

Thinking Dome Magic could work some magic on your antenna?

Click Here to get yours TODAY! Now is a great time to get your equipment ready for next year's camping adventures!

Written by Gabby

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