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How To Boost Your Cell Service In Your RV

May 28, 2019 12:01:00 AM / by DISH Outdoors posted in weBoost

We stream, we upload, we download, we FaceTime, we text- The list of things to do on your cell phone goes on and on, except when you don’t have any cellular signal. We get it. You’re going off the grid to completely get away from the world, to take in what the world has to offer you, and to just be in complete solitude. But what happens when you get a flat you can’t fix or your battery dies and you’re so far off the grid your cell doesn’t pick up any reception? (que dreadful music, DUN DUN DUUNNN!) This is why having a Cell Booster, whether you want to be on or off the grid, is the new black, and having no service to call for help is whack.


weBoost Cellular Boosters have been rated at the top of the boosting game for RVs for quite some time, and there’s no wonder why they are. With their expansive product line ranging from the Connect RV 65 to weBoost Drive Sleek for over the road truckers at a wide range of prices, they’ve got your back.


Not sure how they work? We’ll fill you in.

 How it works-1

Essentially you’ll attach the outside antenna to the telescoping pole then both of those to your RV.

Outdoor Antenna-1

This outside antenna will connect with the cell towers near by. Then you’ll string in a coax cord to the inside of your RV; this will connect to both the outside antenna and the top of the booster, which will be hooked up inside your RV.


The booster can be placed anywhere inside the RV, but it’s easiest when it’s located near a coax cable hook up. Once the booster gets the cell signal it received from the outside antenna it shoots it over to the interior antenna.


Interior Antenna


The interior antenna then takes the boosted cell signal and allows your devices to get up to 32x better service. Here's how it looks all connected together:

 weboost how it works

If you’re still not quite sure how it works, check out the video below for a more in-depth look at how to set it up and how it all works together for your benefit!




Do you see now how this could be beneficial for both entertainment and life-saving purposes? Check out all weBoost has to offer! (p.s. since you made it this far we’ll give you a little tip! Starting Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 – Sunday May 26th you can get 20% off the weBoost Connect RV 65 when you use code 20RV65 AND 20% off the weBoost Drive 4G-X RV when you use code 204GX!)


Written by DISH Outdoors

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