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How To Choose The Right Satellite Antenna

Apr 8, 2018 2:05:07 PM / by DISH Outdoors posted in RvReady


SatelliteRVers, campers, truckers, tailgaters and outdoor enthusiasts are looking for ways to travel more often while bringing all the comforts of their home with them. For some they travel by motorhome, others a fifth wheel or a travel van. But no matter what mode of transportation or your "home away from home" set up is like, you can enjoy your news, weather, movies and favorite shows.

With DISH Pay As You Go for the outdoors, you have the flexibility of bringing a portable antenna with you anywhere you travel to AND have the flexibility of paying only in 30 day increments with no long term contracts. So that's the easy part!

What may seem a little more difficult is choosing the right antenna. That's where we come in! Here are the top 4 considerations when choosing the right satellite antenna for your needs.

1) How many TVs do you want to support?

If you are traveling solo, have a smaller space to accomodate or just only want to watch 1 TV, then you only need a satellite antenna with one output.

2) Where are you traveling?

Maybe you haven't planned this out yet but the main thing we want you to consider is whether or not you are traveling along the East coast and specifically in areas like Maine, New York etc. Why? Because at this angle, it's difficult for any antenna to reach the 119 Satellite all the way in the Southwest sky. But you're in luck because there is an Eastern arc satellite right above you. For all other areas, any DISH portable satellite antenna will work in the continental US.

  • Recommendation: The Pathway X2 Satellite is the only one to connect to the Eastern Arc. This satellite also has a larger reflector, can support up to 3 TVs and has the option to mount.

3) Do you want the option to mount on your RV?

For some that travel frequently and don't want the hassle of setting up there antenna and cables each time they reach their destination, they enjoy the flexibility of being able to mount it on their RV. Some antennas will offer a permanent mount, and can be mounted via a kit or with the mounting feet already included.

4) Do you want to watch while in-motion?

The ability to watch TV in your RV while it is moving is something unique to only one DISH compatible antenna we carry. It is permanently mounted to your RV but will allow your riders to watch while you are traveling.


Want to look at a side by side comparison as you decide? Download our Satellite Antenna Guide.


Written by DISH Outdoors

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