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Money Saving tips in your RV

Enjoy and on-the-road lifestyle in your RV without breaking the bank! Here are some great tips to saving money along your journey.

1. Join an RV club and/or camping association that offers money-saving advice and discounts.
The major such RV associations and clubs include:

2. Stay longer and save
Save money by staying longer at campgrounds or boondocking sites. Check out their weekly rates which can sometimes be a lot less expensive than paying at their daily rate. On top of that you are driving less so you can save on fuel!

3. Slow and steady
Driving around 55 mph will get you the best fuel economy AND allow you to enjoy the scenery! Gas mileage rapidly decreases when you are over 60. Here's a rule-of-thumb: expect to pay $0.20 per gallon extra every time you drive over 60 mph. Also, make sure that your rig is overweight! Add extra unnecessary pounds and packing it down over capacity will also increase your fuel expenditures.

4. Get the proper coverage for emergencies
Nobody likes disruptions on their vacations, especially in the form of breakdowns or medical emergencies when you are on-the-road. AAA does provide roadside coverage but their basic plan will not cover RVs nor medical assistance. Be sure to expand your coverage for find someone offering coverage specifically for RVs.

5. Keep tires properly inflated
Insufficient tire pressure can substantially lower your gas mileage up to 3 %. Be sure to carry a quality tire gage as well as a laser gun that checks tire temperature and check them regularly. Make them a part of quick maintenance checks when you stop for fuel or rest.

6. Switch your lighting to save
Install CFL or LED interior lights in your RV which will not only last much longer but they will also use less energy saving you pennies with every switch.

7. Switch your lighting to save
Install CFL or LED interior lights in your RV which will not only last much longer but they will also use less energy saving you pennies with every switch.

8. Welcomed at Wal-Mart
Not only does Wal-Mart have a great, RV friendly parking lot you can spend a night at but they also have RV sections with budget-friendly items. If you are looking to stock your fridge or panty, Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart superstores are great. Discount clubs like Sam's Club and Costco are also great places to stock up if you have a membership.

9. Establish a lean trip budget and stick to it
Both parts of this process are equally important! Once you set that budget, stick to it. Go on a "travel diet" and cut back on some of those variable but potentially expensive "extras" that will through you off course. Cut back on food, accommodations and entertainment. Check out a few websites and apps that will help you keep track!

10. Go for discounted services
On-the-go lifestyles often don't fit the "norm" for contracted services in today's world, but there are options. Cell phone plans by Cricket ( and Virgin Mobile ( offer options where get only what you need an no more.

Satellite services from DISH offer Pay-As-You-Go service specific to RVers starting at just $44.95 a month that offers you satellite service just for the months you want. If you have DISH at home you can add it to your home account for only $7! Learn more!

Trying just a few of these tips will put money back in your pocket. Any time you can find ways to save money or time is an opportunity to add that back in to creating an even better on-the-go lifestyle in your RV.

Happy RVing!



Written by DishForMyRV

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