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Need for Speed- Living the Tailgater Life on NASCAR Day



Friday May 18th is NASCAR Day!!

Did you know that NASCAR has a long history with RVers? It's true! Since the earliest days of this sport, avid fans have traveled across the country in their RVs to see the races. If you are an RVer that has never been tailgating at a NASCAR race, we recommend giving it a try - You'll have a blast!

But before you go, we've got some tips for how to best enjoy a day at the track.


  • In-Field ParkingThis is where you park your RV inside or alongside the race track. If you are close to the track, you can watch the race from your camping spot. If not, you could probably see it from the roof of your RV. Expect to pay a premium price!
  • Off-site Reserve Parking Typically more like a normal RV campground. Some of the areas will be designated for families while others are set aside for folks that want to party late into the night. Be sure you know which is which when you make your reservations and choose the one that suits you best. 
  • Unreserved RV ParkingThese are not camping spots with hookups, they are spaces in a parking lot that can accommodate an RV. You are basically boondocking. You really want to arrive as early as you can for these as they are limited, and parking lot traffic gets pretty intense as the race nears.



Make Reservations

Make your reservations well in advance of which event you plan on attending. To check the scheduled times and locations of races, hit up the official NASCAR schedule pageOnce you know where and when you want to go, head to the racetrack website and look for camping information. They will give you all the details on what is available and how to make reservations for the various options.

Arrive Early

Plan to spend the whole weekend at a NASCAR event and get there as early as you can. NASCAR races are huge, and the traffic to get into them can be epic. You want to get in and get set up before the bulk of the fans in cars and trucks arrive.


Prepare for the Weather

Anything can happen! Rain, heat, wind. Make sure you have a race day kit you create for yourselves complete with ponchos, a canopy, charcoal pocket warmers, a jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray and plenty of water. You'll be glad you came prepared when everyone else around you is scrambling for cover from the rain or hoping to catch a break from the hot sun!


Fill up the propane tanks, top off the gas for the generator, and fill the fresh water tanks with good drinkable water before you arrive on site. Also bring extra batteries or a generator - the noise won't bother anyone!! Onto food, drinks and especially ice. Make sure you have a quality cooler and your grill on hand!

Looking for some delicious racing weekend recipes? Check out these ideas here!


Have Fun!

You've spent a lot of time preparing for this weekend at the race and now it's time to kick back and enjoy yourself! Soak up all the sights and smells and enjoy the excitement and energy around you. Watch the checkered flag wave and it's ready...set..GO!!!

Do You Have Everything You Need for a Weekend at the Track?

Ladies and Gentleman, rev your engines! Make sure you have everything you need for race day! That's where DISH Outdoors comes in to play! With a TV and a bundle you can start watching this heart-filled line-up in full HD from your cabin, campsite or RV with a super easy equipment set-up.




Can't make it to the track? Catch the race on TV instead!

All you need is a clear view of the sky and you can start watching right away!

With the Pay As You Go program, you can get service for only $7/month with your current DISH home account. Turn service on and off every 30 days, so you only have to pay for the months you use it!  

You don't have DISH at home? Not to worry, you have the option to create your own TV package for as low as $34.99/month. 

What are you waiting for? Make sure you've got your DISH outdoors equipment to enhance any adventure on which you find yourself!


That's Entertainment
Do you have everything you need to keep you entertained?  If not, start shopping now! Equipment set-up is easy as 1,2,3, and the Pay As You Go program ensures you have the flexibility your lifestyle needs. Make sure you are prepared for no matter where your adventures take you!
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Written by DishForMyRV

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