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4 Reasons Why You'll Want To Be Outdoors This Weekend

Apr 23, 2018 1:23:08 PM / by DishForMyRV




There are many reasons the word "outdoors" is accompanied with “great”, especially if you're spending the weekend around the RV or camping! The great outdoors offers so many benefits, from creating memories with friends and family to improvements on your own well-being! Here are just a few healthful reasons you should be outside this weekend: 

Exercise. A word that packs a punch. Many people cringe and often steer away from the thought let alone physical action of exercise, but good news! Exercise doesn’t have to revolve around weights, copious amounts of sweat, and breaking records. In fact, some of the most beneficial exercise is obtained through something as simple as a light walk! Get outside and move at your own pace, the benefits of being outdoors increases metabolism just as much as the treadmill in the gym does.

Travel. We’ve all tried or are still trying to scratch the itch to travel more. Whether your dream is to be in another country or simply bunkering down in the RV at a nearby site, travel can be accomplished with very little effort at all. Some of the most memorable travel experiences are those found close to home. By stepping out of a usual routine you not only sharpen your mind, but introduce yourself to new perspectives-- all in which you can take back to the office for a fresh conversation starter! Research some must see spots, take a long weekend, and let your inner outdoor enthusiast be free.  

Life Skills. There is no guide to how your travel plans will turn out (as much as we wish there was), especially if you aren’t a seasoned traveler. Flat tires, unpleasant weather conditions, and building a campfire in the rain is just the beginning of unexpected events that may or may not occur during an outdoors trip. However, during the madness, you are only treating yourself with skills you probably wouldn’t get any other way! The ability to deal with the unexpected is a useful skill the great outdoors will teach you without even asking.

Refresh. You constantly find yourself waking up five minutes before your morning alarm goes off and the “ding” of an email coming in has become a permanent sound, regardless of the fact you even have mail. These are only two indicators that your mental health is being suffocated by work. Getting out into the sunshine and breathing in fresh air improves sleep, reduces stress, and overall creates greater energy. All you need is 15 minutes outdoors to begin feelin’ fresh again!

Ready to rejuvenate? Here’s a few places to start your weekend cleanse:

Jellystone Park, KOAFMCA

Happy travels! 


Written by DishForMyRV

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