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14 Must Have Pet Items For Your RV

May 9, 2019 8:06:07 AM / by DISH Outdoors posted in Pet Week

14 Must Have Pet Items For Your RV

While you’re prepping and packing for a weekend at the campground, don’t think just bringing some dog food will do the trick! If you love your pets as much as we think you do, you’ll realize your pet NEEDS at least 5 of these 15 must have items to camp with pets.



1. Comfy Crate

RV Dog Kennel

Did you know dogs are actually cave animals? Kind of like cousins the foxes, the coyotes, and the wolves. If they’re trained that their kennel is like a home, comfy, cozy, and safe instead of a place they go when being punished, they’ll happily “kennel up” when you have to leave them at home! Fill it with their favorite blanket, turn on DogTV and they’ll be happy as a clam. We know space is limited in our home on wheels, but check out this awesome DIY built in dog kennel from!


2. Comfortable Harness

Dog Harness

Before you head out on your trip, it’s important to head to your local pet shop to get your pet a chest harness. Not only are they more comfortable for them while you’re going on walks but they’re absolutely necessary for our next two essential items!


3. Potty Bell (on the door)



If you’re just starting out with your new pup, having a little bell hanging on your front door could be the best and easiest way to potty train them. Simply hang the bell from a string that’s long enough for your dog to reach, then every time you take them out to do their business just hit the bell with their front paw then let them out. Soon enough they’ll let you know they need to go out by pawing the bell and you’ll be without a mess to clean up! Bonus: it will also keep them from scratching on the door with they need to go out!



4. Seat Belts

Pet Seat Belt


We’ve all seen the horror stories so I won’t even mention what happens to most pets when they’re involved in a car accident. Whether you’re traveling in an RV or have a pull behind it’s SO important to keep your pets safe. Some pets will do great in a crate if your vehicles allows for the space, but if not, or if your little guy doesn’t like to sit in the crate for that long, make sure they’re buckled in! There’s many options but check this one out on Amazon for just $7.99!


5. Collapsible Water Dishes


When you’re out for the day staying hydrated is super important for both you and Fido! Pack a quick drying, collapsible doggy DISH (see what we did there?) so you wont have to try to make them drink out of your hand. Pro tip: You can get one for FREE this Sunday, May 12th through Sunday, May 19th* when you pick up your new entertainment pieces!)

*offer expires at 11:59 CST on 5/19/19.


6. Life Jacket

Dog Life Jacket

If you spend any time on the water, having your pet safely strapped in is absolutely essential. Whether it’s in a kayak, canoe, or a pontoon, it’s always your best option to give them a pet approved flotation device. For the best one for your furry family member check out The Best Dog Life Jackets and Vests by Pet Life Today! 


7. Portable Pet Pen

Portable Pet Pen

It seems a little silly at first, we admit, but hear us out. Have you ever bee stumped on where to tie up your dog while you’re setting up or tearing down? Ideally there’d be a tree or a post around but sometimes there’s not. You could leave them in the car or camper, but with going in and out all the time they’ll likely make their escape. But with a pop-up pen for them you won’t have to anchor it down or worry about them plotting their get away! It’s also great if you just have to quick run inside for something and want to make sure they’re secure.


8. Collar GPS

GPS Collar

There is no feeling worse than letting your pet take a run off the leash only to have them not come back when they’re called. We’re definitely advocates of having your pets micro-chipped, however if on the off chance they’re not, consider getting them a collar GPS tracker! The stress might still be there if your buddy doesn’t come back right away, but with the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker you’ll at least know they you’re heading in the right direction!


9. Paw Washer


This little cup is going to be your SAVING. GRACE. More often than not when your pup comes in from a day outdoors they’re paws are going to be dirty, if not a muddy mess and the Clean Paws – Dog Paw Cleaning Cup will save you from a camper full of grime. Check out this video to see just how awesome it is!


10. Calming Treats

calm dog

Treats are a pretty obvious thing to pack when heading out, but have you ever noticed your dog acting anxious while traveling? Do they drool, pant, or bark noticeably more than normal? These are all signs of anxiety, and one natural way to put them at ease is with calming treats. There are a lot of options online, everything from bones infused with chamomile and lavender to treats made with hemp/CBD (don’t worry, it’s all legal!), but as with everything make sure you consult with your vet before letting them snack.


11. Poo Bags


Don’t be that guy.. Keep an extra roll of poo bags in the car or in your hiking bag so you can pick up after your buddy and keep the world a better smelling place!


12. PawTection


No matter how often you’re out and out about, it’s SO important to keep your pup safe, and that doesn’t exclude their feet! PawTection is an all-natural blend of waxes and oils that was formulated to create a nourishing barrier to protect your pup’s paws against the elements. Think of it as flip flops, for Fido!


13. Coats

rain coat

Regardless of the time of year, just like Fido’s paws, his fur will need protection some of the time! If you’re going out for a hike, make sure to consider the weather. If there’s a chance of rain, pack a rain coat! If it’s a bit on the chillier side, consider packing this adorable Dog Parka!



14. Furbo


Planning on taking a day trip with out your pet? Keep track of how they’re doing without you by watching them with Furbo! With this awesome little device you can see them, talk to them (like Fidoooo…. Step away from the counter!), and even toss them a treat! Never feel bad about having to leave them behind again.


 Don't think of these items as ways you're spoiling your (favorite) child, think of them as ways they'll make YOUR life easier too! After all, that's what we're all about! 


Written by DISH Outdoors

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