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Say Hello to 100 Hours Of Your Favorite Shows & Movies!

Oct 30, 2018 9:22:49 AM / by DishForMyRV

While some may think the middle/end of September is the best time of year for TV, we beg to differ. Though September does hold the season premiers of your favorite shows, November is truly the time of year we love. Hockey, Football, and Basketball are in full swing, and while SOME people might think it’s to early, your favorite holiday movies begin airing on the Hallmark Channel November 1st! But let’s face it.. who has time to sit down every night and watch their favorite shows? Between traveling, work, hobbies, and other life adventures, we have grown accustom to watching where we want and when we want- and thankfully you have the luxury to do so with the DVR Wally Upgrade!

DISH DVR for Wally 

The Seagate 1 TB DVR Wally Upgrade is the quickest and easiest solution to recording all of the shows and movies you don’t have time for during the week. Just record them from your DISH receiver at home and bring them with you as your relaxing in your cozy campsite, or on your way to it. With this DVR upgrade you can record up to 100 hours of HD programming while connected to your home receiver, Wally or 211z with a satellite connection.


How to set up and record with your DVR

  • After you’ve clicked on the links above and purchased this necessary accessory you’ll patiently wait as it ships straight to your door.


  • Once you receive it call our friendly Customer Service Reps at (800) 970-9628 to active it under your account
      • Pro Tip:Make sure you call our DISH For My RV reps, because for most customers we are able to waive the $40 activation fee, where others may not.

DishForMyRV US based Call Center


  • After your DVR is activated follow the included instructions on how to hook it up to your receiver and your TV
    • Basically it’s just one cord with two ends; one connects to the DVR and one connects to the receiver
    • Also ensure your receiver is connected to a power source and your TV (not shown in photo)

Wally DVR Setup

  • Once your receiver detects the DVR, it will begin to reboot. Don’t worry, this is supposed to happen.


  • After it boots itself back up grab your remote and click the home and ensure there is a DVR connected properly. If it has you will see the red circle with DVR in the middle. If it's not, unplug and restart the DVR.

Wally Remote with Menu Guide

  • If you know which show you want to record, hit the guide button and use the arrows to navigate to the show you wish to record, then hit 'select'

Wally Remote Step 2.5

  • If you’re wanting to record a show that’s airing at this moment, pressing ‘select’ will take you to the show. When it does this hit ‘select’ again and in the bottom left corner you’ll see a few options pop up, one of them being record; press that.steps-1


  • On the other hand, if it’s a show that’s airing in the future you’ll see a drop down that give you the option to record just the show, record the entire series, record future airing, or another option.
    • If it’s your favorite show in a series and you want to record it weekly, just remember to make sure your DVR is plugged in prior to that show needing to be recorded.



Now, fast forward to when you’re hitting the open road ready to go relax for an extended weekend

  • Take your DVR and connect it to your Wally or 211z 
    • Remember, it’ll want to restart even if you just turned it on or haven’t turned it on yet.


  • After it reboots select the Home OR DVR button to navigate to your Recordings and select what you wish to watch!


Simple as that!


Now, you may have some questions along the way so here are some FAQ&A to help:


Can you watch one show while recording another? Yes! There are a couple different ways you can go about doing this. First way would be to go to your friends house and watch the other show live. (kidding… just kidding)

To watch one while recording another is to have an OTA antenna. This way you can watch the programming coming in through two different avenues and you can record one while watching the other. In order to do this though you’ll also need an OTA Tuner/ Splitter so that the OTA antenna can also connect to your Wally. This is also how you’ll be able to record 2 shows at once.



Can I record shows in my RV or does it have to be from a home receiver? You absolutely can! You can record shows onto your DVR from any DISH receiver with a compatible port! 


How can I watch it while we’re in motion if I don’t have an in motion antenna? Simple! The recordings play right through your DVR to your receiver to your TV. No satellite required to watch prerecorded shows for this particular accessory.


The holidays are right around the corner, so whether it's a present to yourself, a friend, or family member, give the gift that keeps on giving!

Written by DishForMyRV

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