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Throw The Ultimate Game Day Party!

Jan 23, 2019 10:48:25 AM / by DishForMyRV posted in Game Day, Super Bowl

The Big Game comes but once a year and for most, regardless of if your team made it or not, it's a cause for celebration! So what do you need to throw the ultimate party? We'll tell you!

1. Your Best Buds


What’s that saying? 2 is company but 3 is a party? For any celebration, large or small, it’s always more fun when you’re with your friends. Don’t get discouraged from having them over because of the seating in your RV- take the party outdoors!


2. A Variety Of Snacks…Shaped Like a Stadium

If you’re top team didn’t quite make the cut this year, you might be more interested in the commercials, and let’s be honest, the food & drinks. Take a tip from Love This Pic or RTG Designs on Delish (if you’re feeling super ambitious) and create the ULTIMATE Game Day snack tray.



3. Fun, Themed Cocktails!

No great story has ever started with eating a salad. Take a little time in the morning to mix up your favorite shareable cocktails! For some added fun, make these NFL team inspired cocktails from the Food Network to create some rivalry among your guests! If your guest list contains kiddos, mix up some mocktails with food coloring!




4. Any Bundle Fit For A Fan


Now that we have the friends, the food, and the cocktails, how are you planning on watching the game? If you haven’t already signed up for our promotional emails, insider tip: sign up TODAY. There just might be a SUPER offer coming to your inbox very soon that will allow you and your guests to watch the game without hassle.



5.   1… yes just 1, remote


You’ve seen it. The basket that’s filled to the brim with 3 different remotes and random chords: 1 for your Wally receiver, 1 for your Off-Air antenna, and 1 you’re not sure what its for but you keep it just in case you figure it out some day. Get out of that rut by simply connecting your Off-Air antenna to your Wally with an Over-The-Air Tuner to find all your channels, both local and via satellite, in one location: your Program guide!

….and as for the “someday” remote. I think it’s safe to say you can toss it.



6. Fan Gear

Regardless of whether or not your favorite team made it to the big game, it’s still fun to pick a side and cheer! No matter the team you pick, throw on their colors, maybe even some face paint and let the games begin 



7. Festive Decorations

From mason jars painted like footballs, to a watering station, to ice cream sandwiches with a little added frosting, sprinkle some green, brown, black, and white throughout for the perfect way to pull your theme together. Get some fun ideas from the Tip Junkie!



8. A Cooler

Keep the party going outdoors by keeping the drinks cold all day long! Pro tip: separate each kind of beverage and label each cooler so your guests know whats where. Not only is it more convenient for your guests, but the less the coolers get opened, the longer the ice keeps!



9. Games For Half Time

The past few years the ever anticipated Halftime Show has been just so-so, or at least that’s what we hear. Take the 20-30 minutes between each half to create some real competition between your guests! Take a tip or two from Plan Party Plan for some seriously hilarious games.



10. A Football Of Course!

Invite your friends over a couple of hours before the game begins and have a game of your own! Draw straws for captains, pick your teammates and let the games begin!


Written by DishForMyRV

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