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The Ultimate Mother's Day Guide for Camping Gifts

Apr 25, 2018 3:36:02 PM / by DishForMyRV posted in DISHForMyRV, RV & Camping Accessories, Camping, DISHForMyTailgate, Gifts



 Mother's Day is on May 13th this year! Do you know what to get the special woman in your life? If you're drawing a blank, don't worry we've got plenty of inspiring ideas right here for you to choose from! All you have to do is remember to buy a card. Oh, and don't forget some flowers, too!

1. iHip Headphones


Perfect noise-cancelling and Bluetooth enabled headphones for when mom needs some time to re-charge the batteries and spend some time with her own thoughts while out in nature. I bet if you asked, she might just let you borrow them as well!






2. Coffee Pot and Matching Mugs


Moms run on coffee! Why? Because they are master multitaskers who get five times as much done in the morning than everyone else. Coffee helps kick-start the day. Check out this blue enamel set that makes sipping on morning java so easy!




3. RV Ornament



If your mom loves to camp, get her this cute little RV-themed ornament so that when you decorate the tree come this December, she can re-live all her favorite camping memories!




4. Water bottle


Gotta stay hydrated! Make sure your mom has all the water she needs with this sleek-looking gift. It comes in multiple colors, and keeps your hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold for extended periods of time.




5. Fit Bit


Show how much you care about your mom and her health by getting this watch and fitness monitor combo. She can know just how many steps she got in while out on the family hike.




6. A Map



Check out this fun and interactive map/puzzle. You can keep it in the RV or on the fridge at home. Remember to update it as your travels take the family from coast to coast!




7. Winegard ConnecT


Make sure mom doesn't miss her favorite TV shows, movie or music while streaming out in the wild! This nifty gift uses Wi-Fi from inside the RV park or campgrounds to extend the signal.





8. Dish Towels



Can be used at home or in the RV kitchen. This towel will make mom smile every time she looks at it and remembers all the late-night s'mores or impromptu swimming contests at the lake. Plus it makes it easier to clean up the kitchen!





9. Candles


Help your mom remember all the smells from camping even if she doesn't camp as much as she used to. This yummy smelling candle makes you think you are right by the bonfire telling your favorite ghost stories.





10. Rain Jacket



Spring showers bring May flowers after all. Keep your mom dry with this beautiful and efficient rain jacket. The hood and pockets will help your mom see where she's going and can keep her personal items (like her phone) dry.




11. Kitchen Utensils



This set is amazing for keeping your mom organized in the kitchen or around the campfire. Easy to clean, stored in a convenient pouch - this gift will definitely make mom's life easier!





12. Pit Pal



Save mom some heavy lifting with this convenient campfire set-up tool. Get a strong fire going within minutes and use the time that would have been spent setting up the logs, snuggling with loved ones instead.




13. Sleeping Pad



We all deserve a good night's sleep, but moms especially. Why? Because you're probably the reason they stopped getting quality sleep when you were born! Comfortable and compact guarantees mom can get the shut-eye she deserves.




Happy Mother's day! 


Written by DishForMyRV

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