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Watch What YOU Want With The Tailgater Pro 2 Receiver Bundle!

May 21, 2019 8:38:00 AM / by DISH Outdoors posted in Lucky Penny Day

 Why being able to watch 2 shows on 2 TVs will change the way you camp

2 days off of work, 2 glasses of beer, catching 2 fish, being able to watch 2 different shows at once.. Do you see where we’re going with this? 2 is better than one, especially when it involves all your favorite things!

 180516_dish outdoors_shot 02_158-TailgaterPro

Have you ever been camping with your spouse or with the kiddos and all you want to do is watch the game and all they want to do is watch lifetime movies or Paw Patrol? Or maybe you want to watch your favorite team but your “friends” want to watch some other team (who you clearly could care less about). Well, say goodbye to the eye rolls, the groans, and the temper tantrums because now you can have it all. How, you ask? With the DISH® Tailgater® Pro Premium 2 Receiver Bundle! See… 2 IS better than 1! (especially when you can get the 2nd for a penny! Yes, seriously, keep reading there may or may not be a deal waiting for you at the bottom!)


The newly redesigned DISH® Tailgater® Pro is the FIRST ever with it’s super cool clear cover so you can watch in awe as it magically (and automatically) finds the DISH satellites in the southern sky.  Created for the RV, tailgating, and hunters & fishers at the cabin, and engineered with Nation Wide coverage, the Tailgater® Pro is like an ice-cold drink on a hot summer’s day; everyone could use one!


Not only is the Tailgater® designed to look cool, it’s look was also designed to be 100% portable. Headed to the game to tailgate but want to see the game close-up instead of sitting in the stands? Set it up on the roof of your truck, put the TV and the DISH® Wally® Receiver in the bed of your truck, and just like that you’re spot is the place to be with the best seats in the house!


Sure, all of that’s cool, but how are we going to get rid of the eye rolls, groans, and temper tantrums? The DISH® Tailgater® Pro is one of the only satellite antennas that allows you to watch TWO different shows at the same time on 2 TVS! This way, you know no matter who you’re with, you’ll have control over at least one remote! Never miss a game, movie, or show again.


So how does that work? Well, let’s lay it out for you in 7 easy steps!

Step 1: Head to and order your DISH® Tailgater® Pro 2 receiver antenna.

Step 2: When you get everything in the mail carefully take it all out of the box and set up your antenna outdoors, so it has a clear view of the southern sky and connect the coax cords.

Step 3: Head inside with your two Wally® receivers and place one at each TV then connect them to the TV and the other end of the coax cords mentioned above.

Step 4: Power on your TV and receiver and follow the on-screen instructions while the Tailgater® Pro automatically locates the DISH satellites.

Step 5: Repeat with the next TV

Step 6: Call our friendly Customer Care Reps at 1 (877) 926-3298 to choose your programming package and activate your account

Step 7: Enjoy your separate programming!

For a more visual representation, skip ahead to 30 second in this informational video!




Now for the best part! Take advantage of National Lucky Penny Day by purchasing the DISH® Tailgater® Pro Premium 2 Receiver Bundle between *Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 and Monday, May 27th, 2019* and you’ll get the 2nd Wally® receiver for just ONE PENNY when you use code: PENNY1 at check out! That’s a savings of $98.99!

Written by DISH Outdoors

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