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20 Holidays Every Outdoorsman Should Celebrate

Feb 26, 2019 8:44:00 AM / by DishForMyRV posted in DISH Outdoors

When you think of "The Holidays" you probably think ones that you get together with your friends and family, eat comfort food and have a few drinks, right? Well what if we told you there's at least 20 more holidays a year where you could celebrate in totally different ways? Do you love to be outdoors and will take any excuse to go camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking? Yep, us too, so why not take advantage of these legitimate, official national holidays?


10th: Cut your Energy Costs Day


Simply making sure all your lights are off when you leave and spending a day outdoors is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday

29th: National Bird Day


Get out some binoculars and watch 'em soar



20th: Love Your Pet Day


 No matter if you're a dog, cat, bird, lizard, or sloth person, give them a little extra love and maybe even a treat today!


The 4th Thursday of the month: National Chili Day


 Regardless of where you're at in the country, it's safe to say that by this time of the winter, the soul (and body) need a little warming



First Friday of the Month: Day of Unplugging


 Unplug your TV and your alarm clock, and don't charge your phone. National Day of Unplugging is a day to totally disconnect and recharge yourself.


12th: Plant A Flower Day


Take a day to give back what you've probably picked! It takes just a few minutes, but it can make you're normal views a little bit brighter



 1st Wednesday of the month


 There are 58 National Parks and 10,234 State Parks in America. Surely there's one you haven't explored.


7th: National Beer Day


This day kind of speaks for itself. Celebrate accordingly.


22nd: Earth Day


 There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day. From picking up litter to planting a tree to simply taking your bike instead of your car for a day, just do one thing that will make our planet a better place.




 Summer is just around the corner..FINALLY! And to celebrate the fact that consistent warmer weather is finally here start up that grill and enjoy the aromas.


22nd: Maritime Day


Yacht or paddle boat, this is a holiday to take anything you can with people you enjoy and just spend a day out on the water.



2nd: Leave The Office Early Day


 The bosses may not like this, but we think this is one everyone can get on board with.. Leave work early and spend a longer weekend camping! 


15th: Nature Photography Day


 It's amazing how many pieces of art there are in the world that you can capture with the click of a button. Landscape or Cityscape there's so much to take in.


18th: National Go Fishing Day


 Feeling the tug of a 5lb. bass or a huge Bluefin Tuna for the first time is a feeling of excitement a person never forgets. So whether you're with your buddies on the Caribbean or on a lake or river with your kids, grab a rod and make some memories today.


25th: National Catfish Day


 Just can't get enough of that rod and reel? This is just one more reason to get out on the water and catch some dinner!



22nd: National Hammock Day


 If there's any legitimate reason so lay and relax in a hammock for a day, we'll take it.



15th: National Relaxation Day


Again, with the relaxation! We're loving these! Take some time on this day to wonder somewhere where there's not a crowd, leave your phone at home, and just sit and enjoy the peace and quite. 



4th Saturday of the month


 Earl's got a lot of wisdom between the ears! If hunting is a hobby of yours get out the camo, clean those guns, and head out there.



14th: Motorcycle Ride Day


 If you've been on a bike your whole life, you probably don't need a holiday to get you on those two wheels, but if you're just a weekend rider, here's your day! 



21st: Flashlight Day


It only makes sense that National Flashlight Day is on the shortest day of the year. Even if you end up not needing a flashlight, this day is a great reminder to check those batteries and light bulbs to make sure it will work when you do end up needing them!


So whether you love hunting, fishing, or just need more excuses to sit around and clear your mind, now you have a legitimate reason to do so! 

Written by DishForMyRV

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