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5 B.S. Lies About Outdoor TV

Apr 3, 2019 8:44:20 AM / by DISH Outdoors posted in Own Your Adventures

Don't Believe Everything You Hear! Outdoor TV Doesn't Take Away From Your Camping Experience, It Enhances It! Trust Us, We Love The Outdoors Just As Much As The Next Person! But In Our Opinion, When We're Waking Up In The Morning, Settling In For The Night, Or Cozying Up On A Rainy Day, We Also LOVE Having Our Local News, Weather, And Favorite Shows At The Tip Of Our Fingers. Especially When There's No Commitment!




It’s only for larger campers and RVs.

               Nope. No matter the size of your home on wheels or even the size of your TV, you can still enjoy the comforts of the sticks and bricks. Heck, you don’t even need to have a TV take up space inside if you have a camper van, pop-up, or another compact camper. Have your set-up outside and let your neighbors join in!


It only works if you have Wi-Fi.

               Nine. (That’s no in German). You can literally travel anywhere within the continental U.S. and as long as your antenna has a clear view of the southern sky, you’re in business. Boondocking in the desert? It’ll work. Check out this list of 24 random places you can watch HDTV around the country!


It costs WAY too much.

               Ehhh. To say this is subjective is an understatement. It comes out to less than $1.25 a day, and again, you ONLY pay for the months you want to use it. Not familiar with Pay As You Go? It’s worth a look! There’s no contract, no credit checks, and no commitment. EVER.

               Do you have DISH at home? Even better. You can add service to your outdoor adventures for just $5/month! That’s it. Just $0.23/day and you have the option to watch the news, weather, and all your favorite shows and movies with the click of a button.


TV and camping is like oil & water.. they just don’t mix!

               Wrongo. Don’t think of having access to your favorite shows and movies (not to mention 👆local news, sports, and staying safe by watching the weather!) as watering down your great outdoors experience. Instead think of it as a way to enhance it!

               If you’re going out only on a weekend or two during the month, just don’t pay for that month! If you’re going out every weekend, during spring break, or for a few weeks in the summer, only pay for the months you’re going to use it! The DISH® Wally Receiver is so small that you wont even notice it stored away if you’re not using it, and the antenna? Either you have it permanently mounted on your roof, which, out of sight out of mind, or if you choose to set it up on a Tri-pod when you want to use it, simply don’t bring it along when you know you don’t want to use it!


You can’t watch local news stations.

               Actually, there are two ways you can do this! Double. Wammy. The first way is to connect your Off Air Antenna to your DISH® Wally Receiver by using an OTA Tuner. This little device will seamlessly link your current local channels onto your Wally receiver guide so you can flip back and forth with ease. The days of using 2 remotes are gone with the wind.

               The 2nd way you can get all of your local channels is by adding the Local Channels pack to your Flex Pack and updating your current location when you decide to settle in for a bit. Picking up after a few days? No problem. Just call one of our DISH® Outdoor Reps at 1-877-926-3298 and let them know the zip code of your new spot.


So we have just one word for you. DE-BUNKED. So really, what do you have to lose? Take this quiz to find out which bundle will suit you best then start shopping!


Written by DISH Outdoors

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