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7 Essential Items for the Perfect RV Date Night

Mar 6, 2019 8:51:58 AM / by DISH Outdoors posted in Valentine's Day


Whether you’ve been married for 6 months or 60 years, experts say setting aside at least 1 night a week to spend alone together is one of the best way to keep things fresh. So how do you change things up when you’re in the same 230 sq. ft. every day? We’ve got you covered. You don’t need much, but you do need these 7 items you may, or may not already have.


1. A HUGE pile of blankets and pillows & somewhere to put them

Outdoor beds

“Why would we need more than just one or two pillows and blankets?” you might ask. Well it’s because you’re going to make a big comfy bed, outside, either in the bed of your truck or in a small inflatable kiddie pool (which, if you don’t have a truck this will be the 8th essential item).


2. An Outdoor Screen (aka a white sheet) and a Projector

DIY Outdoor Movie Screen

Now that you know you’re setting up a comfy area outside you might be thinking “but if we’re outside, how are we going to watch our favorite movie?” By building a simple outdoor screen of course! Yes, it does sound complicated, but trust us, it’s not and it’s definitely worth it! Check out this 1 min video from HGTV to see just how easy it is to make your own outdoor theater: https://youtu.be/EOmjTGpgOfo


Don’t have a projector? Ask your work or a friend or family member if you can borrow one for the weekend! (honestly, are they really used that much at work anymore, especially with today’s technology? They’ll probably give it to you for free!)


3. The Perfect Bundle & Accessories



That projector’s not going to play itself! Choose from any of our DISH bundles to watch all your favorite shows and movies all night under the stars! Want to binge a whole season of your favorite show or a trilogy? Add on the Wally DVR Accessory to watch up to 100 hours of basically whatever you want! Also, don’t feel like you have to run a long chord from the camper to your entertainment setup. If you’re setting up in the truck or near any of your vehicles, try a power converter!


4. Drinks!


Whether you like beer, wine, or anything in between, consider packing a small cooler to keep with you. This way you wont be getting up to get a fresh cold one.


5. Camera and Portable Phone Charger

Couple Taking Selfie

This epic date night is going to be one you’ll want to remember forever. Between your set up under the stars, the inside jokes you’ll make and create, you’ll want a camera or a fully charged phone readily available to capture these memories! Don’t have a portable phone charger? We’ve got you.


6. A Campfire


 A campfire comes pretty standard for a night of camping but with the bed made and the outdoor movie, the crackling of the fire will just add to the romance of the night.


7. Snacks

Snacks - Popcorn & S'more

A romantic dinner on date night comes pretty standard, but what you might not think about is making sure you have both of your favorite snacks! Jazz up the classic popcorn and a movie with these recipes from the Neighborhood Food Blog in honor of National Popcorn Day (the 2nd Friday in March)! Or take advantage of the fire before the movie and break out the s'mores!


So whether you're camping for the weekend, or live in your home on wheels, never forget to set aside a night for just the two of you and your favorite things. 


Written by DISH Outdoors

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