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The Beginner's Guide to Ice Fishing

Jan 15, 2018 11:18:47 AM / by DishForMyRV posted in DISHForMyRV

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So, you want to learn about ice fishing?

First of all, make sure you're somewhere near a lake that's frozen of course! Some people like to sit on a bucket, while others have a full set up to escape the cold - including TV - which you can also have when you're on the go as well!

You want to have all the equipment that's necessary and make sure you know safety tips to ensure you have the best possible time while out on the ice! You might even have your very own fish catching story to share with the folks back home when you're done...

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DISH Outdoors Ice Fishing Guide

Want to try ice fishing, but don't know where to get started? That's ok! We didn't either, so we thought we would share a few resources with you all that we used on our latest outdoor adventure!

  • Online Reference: We like this general overview from Mystery Tackle Box
  • Video Guide: Alberta AEP does a great job explaining the basics and putting them into practice
  • Book Guide:  Jason Durham's book is excellent at covering tips and tricks he's learned from experience 
  • Just for Fun: Layne Kennedy gathers and shares stories and amazing images of ice fishers from around the country in this book


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"Look at me, I'm Ice Fishing!! Now what?"

Head Over to our Ice Fishing Sweepstakes to ENTER and WIN BIG!!

You found the perfect spot, have your shelter all set-up, drilled your holes, and the lines have been dropped, so now what to do? That's where DISH Outdoors comes in to play! With a little bit of power, a TV and a bundle you can pass the time enjoying your favorite HD enternainment!


Voltec Pro Power Pack

playmaker bundle.jpg

Playmaker Bundle with Wally Receiver

All you need is a clear view of the sky (lucky for you all, you're on a lake where the sky surrounds you!) and you have all your favorite channels and movies for your convenience and enjoyment!

With the Pay As You Go program, you can get service for only $7/month with your current DISH home account. Turn service on and off every 30 days, so you only have to pay for the months you use it!  

 You don't have DISH at home? Not to worry, you have the option to create your own TV package for as low as $34.99/month. 

 What are you waiting for? Get out on the ice, just make sure you've got your DISH outdoors equipment to enhance your adventures out in the wild!

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That's Entertainment
Do you have everything you need for your time on the ice? If not, start shopping now! Equipment set-up is easy as 1,2,3, and the Pay As You Go program ensures you have the flexibility your lifestyle needs. Make sure you are prepared for no matter where your adventures take you!
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Written by DishForMyRV

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