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How To Create The ULTIMATE Outdoor movie Theater

Mar 21, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by DISH Outdoors posted in Outdoor Entertainment

When you think of having DISH in your RV, it’s easy to think that you’ll just watch it for the morning news, to record your favorite shows to watch later, and watch before you hit the hay after a great day outdoors. But what if you could bring your favorite shows and movies TO the outdoors? Yep, it’s possible, and you can do it in just 5 easy steps!


DIY Outdoor Theater Screen


It might sound daunting, but trust us, building an outdoor theater screen is one of the simplest, most beneficial things you’ll ever do. To build your new screen you’ll need:

3 Shepherd’s Hooks (5-6’ tall)

2 Full Size Sheets, 1 dark blue, 1 white

2 Curtain Rods

4 Zip ties

2 Packs of Curtain hangers

First, simply line up the shepherd’s hooks in a straight line as wide as your sheets are, put the curtain hangers on the curtain rods, then place one of the curtain rods across the hoods of the shepherd’s hooks. Next place the white sheet over the dark blue sheet, corner to corner, then hang on the curtain hangers on the top rod and space them equally so that the sheets are pulled tightly end to end. Then take the 2nd set of curtain hangers and place them on the 2nd curtain rod and then clip that set of curtain hangers to the bottom of the sheet the same distance apart as the top hangers, and zip tie the rod to the two end poles. Ta-Da! Your screen is finished! For more detailed pictures, check out this HGTV How-To!


DIY AV System


The next thing you’ll need to create an epic outdoor entertainment experience is a DIY AV System. In this system you’ll need:

A projector

Your wally and satellite antenna bundle

An HDMI cord,

Possibly your Wally DVR if you have something recorded


Extension cord & power strip

Table/ above ground surface

Whether you choose your average outdoor projector or a sleek pocket projector, you’ll want to follow the directions that are included, then connect your wally to it via the HDMI cable. When you’re done simply connect your wally to both the satellite antenna and the speakers. Finally connect all necessary items to the extension cord and power strip as needed. Just to be safe, remember to set this all on a table or any surface above ground. Wouldn’t want your Projector and Wally getting dewy!


Seating Area


If you’re feeling super ambitious and plan to make movie nights around the fire a weekly event, consider making your own seats! Yes, this does sound complicated and you might be thinking who wants to waste time making seats when people could just bring there own? But, check out these super easy DIY theater seats, and you might just change your mind. Or BYOC, no judgement here.


S’more Bar & Popcorn Bar

Now for the fun stuff! When inviting over the neighbors sometimes it’s nice to have some snacks when they arrive instead of everyone bringing their own, so why not throw together a little app table? Super simple options are to just set out a few different kinds of popcorn and s’more ingredients!


Beverage Area

Regardless of if this is a kid friendly or an adults only event, consider having a table set up for your favorite cocktails and/or mocktails. Not sure what everyone wants to drink? No problem, let the neighbors know its BYOBeverage and just provide the coolers! Don’t forget to label!


If you have a summer bucket list ready, add an outdoor movie night to it! The fun and the memories will be ones you won't soon forget!

Written by DISH Outdoors

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