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How To Organize Your RV

Apr 23, 2019 8:48:53 AM / by DISH Outdoors posted in Organization Day

17 RV Organization Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind



Have you ever been super frustrated because you KNOW you have a certain thing in your RV but can’t find it? You know you put it back in it’s place, but everything else has taken over since the last time you used it? Like your remote for example? Having some sort of organizational system in your RV is an absolute MUST, regardless if you’re weekend adventurer, or a full-timer, and we’re here to bring you 11 inexpensive, organizational hacks you can use to keep your camper nice a tidy.


Plastic Bag Organizer

These come pretty standard in any home but we really want to express how much we love the ones that hang over a door or adhere to the inside of a cupboard door. It doesn’t seem like much but to get the “bag of bags” or bag holder off the bottom of your cupboard will open up a lot of free space!


Bed Slats

Bed slats? What the heck can you do with bed slats besides put a mattress on top of them? Well, a lot actually! And on in particular idea that will give you 10x more organizing space than you’d ever though you would have is by hanging the slats from a couple of hooks on a wall (as shown above) and adding some hooks! Whether you use it for décor, storage, or notes (or all of the above), this is going to give you more space than you’d ever dreamt. For this organizational purpose we’ll only highlight this one, but check out this AWESOME article by Apartment Therapy to find out what else you could make!


Car Net

Even though this photo is showing the net being used in a car, this is easily something that could be utilized in your RV or camper as well! Can you imagine all of the extra blankets, clothes, and shoes you could store up there to free up space in your closet?! Hello spring wardrobe, goodbye winter!


Floating Shelf

You’ve seen them before, but have you ever thought to use them as a way to hold your every day things, and not just to hold pictures as décor? If you haven’t, join the club. If you have, (clapping emoji) you’re way ahead of us. When we came across this photo we couldn’t believe we’d never thought of this before!


Old Garden Rake

If you’ve ever owned a sticks and bricks with any sort of open dirt in the yard, there’s a good chance you have one of these, and maybe even one you’re willing to up-cycle! Simply remove the handle, clean up the rake, hang it on a wall in your kitchen and WHALA! You’ve got yourself a thrifty and trendy utensil holder! You’ll be amazed how much space it saves from the drawer or counter tops!


Hanging Fruit basket


Do you see a common theme here? The more you can get UP off the floor or cupboard, the more space you’ll have! Having fresh fruits and veggies is a non-negotiable for us when we’re traveling around because we love to see what different places have to offer and getting them up and off the counter leaves us with a lot more space!


Receiver Bag


How many times have you heard “Have you seen the remote? Where’s the remote?” a million? Yeah us too but not since the DISH Wally Receiver started finding our remote for us! Yep, it actually has technology that will locate your remove FOR you! But what if you haven’t hooked up your Wally yet and can’t find your remote? Well then that probably means you need a Receiver Bag! Store all your cords, cables, accessories, remotes, and your Wally receiver together so they’ll never get lost!


Wall Pegs


You know that space right as you walk in the door of your RV, either to your left or right, the blank wall/space that leads up to your counter top? Now imagine adhering hooks or pegs to the space that’s clearly begging to be used to put your shoes on. (mind blown emoji) No more tripping over everyone’s shoes as you walk through the door!


Shoe Organizer…For The Shower!


So you put hooks on the wall for your shoes, but a shoe organizer in the shower as a caddy? Yep. Yep you do. RV showers can get pretty dang small and having to crowd them with body wash, loofas, shampoos (his & hers most times!) AND conditioners can be quite annoying. With this all you’ll have to do is hook the shoe rack either on your shower curtain or on a couple of 3M hooks on the wall and you’re set to go!


A Towel Rod


Maybe it’s just us, but we never would have thought to make a towel rod that’s supposed to be holding your towels up from the ground, could also be used for another way to decorate. Purchase a rod that matches your style, a couple of smaller faux plants and a basket and just like that you’ll have a cute piece that brings you life with the greens AND has a place for you to throw your keys as you walk in the door. Win-Win!


Adhesive Hooks


Because you guessed it, these bad boys will help get those clunky grilling utensils out of the drawers or off the counter tops, no matter if you store them inside or out! Simply stick however many hooks you need to the wall of your outdoor kitchen or inside a cupboard door and you’ve freed up a TON of space!


So what’s the moral of the story? Clear your counter tops and cupboards by adding a couple hooks and never lose your remote again! Looking for more ways to organize your RV? Follow us on Pinterest!

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Written by DISH Outdoors

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