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Mar 13, 2018 2:21:06 PM / by DishForMyRV posted in DISHForMyRV


Let's Get #RVReady Together!

It's that time of year again! If you didn't go winter RVing this year, you are certainly getting ready for the upcoming RV summer season! Maybe your RV has been in storage or you just know you have a list of updates to make to your home on the road. Whatever the case, we are providing some simple #RVReadyHacks to help you get your RV in tip-top shape for new adventures and make life on the open road easier.

All of our video hacks are brought to you by our friends at RV Repair Club.

1. . #RVReadyHacks: Stop Slippery Soap

We’ve all been in a slippery soap situation. Either shampoo bottles are being knocked off the ledge or pushed to the side (only to be replaced by a brand new one). Here’s the thing, no one has the room for this in an RV. Consider hanging your shower products from a curtain rod! This is one of our favorite hacks; no bending down and no tipping over during travel! Afterall, soap is supposed to clean, not make a mess! 

rv shower hack

2. #RVReadyHacks: Keep Your Shoes from Runnin' Away 

You know what's worse than your dog running off with your shoe? You misplacing your soles yourself. But, look what you can do with a little super glue and net! Not only does this hack restrain you from misplacing your sweet kicks, it keeps them all in one place while traveling from point A to B.

shoes in net

3. #RVReadyHacks: Swim Noodle




4. #RVReadyHacks: PVC Pipe




5. #RVReadyHacks: Wind? No problem. 

Imagine being cozied up around your's sunny, the birds are singing and then WHAM!, that gust of wind comes flying through, taking your polka-dotted table cover with it (and all the food!). Well, good thing that was just imaginary... with this hack, a scenario like that will never happen! Use a twin sized bed sheet in place of a flimsy dollar store table cloth, the elastic will hug the corners of the table, making it quite the challenge for the hefty wind!

elastic tableclothes

6. #RVReadyHacks: Baskets are In! -- (In your RV of course...)

Oh, how chic! You spend A LOT of time in your RV, why not be cute about it? Forget taking up your precious cupboard space with towels and other area-hogging materials, go to your local thrift shop and snag up a few wicker baskets! Hang them from the wall and organize your things how you'd like! Not only is this hack super easy, it's super trendy!

baskets 2

7. #RVReadyHacks: Grocery Bags



8. #RVReadyHacks: Cardboard Tubes


8. #RVReadyHacks: Squeaky Clean

Cleaning supplies -- we can count over 10 bottles of sanitizing fluids in our storage area! How are you organizing your supplies? Much like the shower hack (# 1), incorporate a shower or curtain rod under your RV's kitchen sink. Use the spray handles to hang your bottles from the rod! Once again, no tips or spills while on the road!


8. #RVReadyHacks: Just a-Rollin'

It's pretty crappy when your roll of toilet paper decides to...roll away. Let's change that. Check out your local office supplies story for an upright file holder (typically plastic). Your rolls of toilet paper will nestle perfectly into the organizer, making it impossible for them to get out of hand while on the road! 

toilet paper holder

8. #RVReadyHacks: Empty Container



8. #RVReadyHacks: Duct Tape



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